Social Networking Circle Solutions

Social Networking Circle Solutions

The solutions are full-scenario solutions that covers functions of circle creation, permission management, promotion activity, localization service, personalized content recommendation, etc. It integrates multi-media technologies such as text, voice, pictures, short videos, seamless interface with other social ecosystem, meet business requirements such as life, consumption, knowledge sharing, and e-commerce promotion. It focuses on improving user experience and helping customers quickly build social business system.


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Complete Social Ecological Services

Not only provides a complete technology platform, but also provides a wealth of value-added services, including operational data analysis and forecasting, data visualization, hot events, etc., to help customers focus on core business and accelerate operational decisions.

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High-Quality User Interaction Experience

Through multi-media technologies such as text, voice, pictures, and video, and a fast content distribution network, smoothness of user interaction is achieved to meet online and offline social networking needs.

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Personalized Recommendation

Use user's intelligent portrait to precisely match user's interests, and expand new interests, combined with multi-dimensional information such as location, provide more accurate and valuable personalized recommendations.

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Diversified Rights Management

Support multi-level permission management of circle and circle members, data communication and storage are fully encrypted to avoid privacy leakage.

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High Concurrency, High Availability

Ensure high-speed data transfer and high availability with technologies such as content distribution networks, high concurrent message queue, load balancing, redundant backups, etc.

Life Socialization

Sharing joys and experiences of life, experiencing a better life, and meeting more people with the similar habits.

Entertainment Socialization

Share interesting people or things outside of work and meet people with the same hobbies and like-mindedness.

Travel Socialization

Share new anecdotes, travel experiences and knowledge, enhance communication with travel friends.

Consumer Socialization

Share shopping information, experiences, tips, comments, Increase shopping fun and rational consumption.

Knowledge Socialization

Interact with professionals to accelerate knowledge and skills acquisition, build stronger industry connections.

E-commerce Promotion

Introduce new products and find potential customers through smart recommendation to increase sales.