PISTIS Blockchain Certificate

PISTIS Blockchain Certificate

PISTIS blockchain certificate system provides functions such as certificate customization, issuance, traceability & verification, and management, etc. It has a wide range of application scenarios, certificate information is stored on chain, and cannot be tampered with, and its work efficiency is high. It can provide low-cost, high-efficiency and high-security services for certificate business.


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Secure,Tamper Proof

The certificate information is recorded in the blockchain,which is permanently saved and cannot be tampered with.

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Support batch issuance,one click on chain,and quickly verify the authenticity by scanning QR code or URL,etc.

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Low Cost

Certificate issuance and traceability are automatically completed to reduce labor costs

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Wide Range Of Applications

Support tracebility of personal certificates commodities,assets,etc

Support tracebility of personal certificates commodities,assets,etc

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Management Of Issuing Agencies

Create, certify and manage issuing agencies to ensure that the information of issuing agencies is accurate and transparent.

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Certificate Content Definition

Users can flexibly define certificate content according to business needs in different fields.

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Certificate Issuance

Generate signed certificates in batches, upload certificate-related information to the chain, and generate a QR code, URL and certificate file for each certificate.

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Certificate Query

According to the query conditions specified by the user, return the certificate list or details.

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Certificate Verification

By scanning QR code, entering URL, or sending certificate file to PISTIS system, certificate can be automatically traced and verified.

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Certificate Revocation

According to the customer's business needs, revoke the specified certificate.