Consortium Blockchain Solutions

Consortium Blockchain Solutions

The consortium blockchain solutions provide enterprise-secure blockchain services, support main stream framework such as Hyperledger, realize consortium member right/permission management, public/private transaction, secure smart contract, and monitoring of on-chain operation and on-chain data. It can adapt to application of multi-enterprise multiple-ledger and diverse transaction. Help customer build secure reliable consortium environment, enable business to quickly chain up, form a multi-enterprise trusted ecosystem


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One Stop Service

Support full stack service of blockchain creation, deployment, execution, monitoring, operation.

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Flexible Framework

Support main stream frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric、Quorum, etc.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Support blockchain explorer and node monitoring, get status and events timely.

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High Safety

Use system isolation, digital certificates, encryption algorithms to achieve high security Strictly manage rights for joining, invitation, and approval to ensure safety of member permissions and transaction privacy.

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High Availability

Through redundant backup, encryption and isolation, achieve high availability and zero data loss.

Consortium chain is widely used to solve information and trust transfer between different entities(e.g. banks, insurance, securities, traceability, supply chain, etc.)

Supply Chain Finance

Integrate transactions, logistics and capital to build consensus, non-tamperable trust system, use public or private transactions, smart contracts to realize the automation of corporate credit, high security transmission.

Commodity Traceability

Organize various participants involved in production, sales, logistics, supervision, etc., and use technologies such as IoT, anti-counterfeiting labels to record traceability information during product lifecycle, such that consumers or regulatory authorities can verify or audit easily.