Data Automation Platform Services

Data Automation Platform Services

Data automation platform is a comprehensive technology and function platform by fusing blockchain, IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence. It can provide full-stack services such as IoT device management, data collection, data analysis, data transactions, and system operation & maintenance, help users easily build secure, intelligent, and diverse business systems.


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Easy To Use

With a visual and friendly interface, customers can easily define IoT rules, business logic, and quickly build stable system.

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Diversified Services

Supports various vertical business scenarios, including IoT business, data processing, information tracing, data transactions, etc., and guarantees security of data asset ownership.

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The platform automatically recognizes IoT devices, allocates communications, computing, storage resources, and uses AI to analyze data automatically. Utilize smart contracts, transaction matching, and smart recommendations to maximize transaction efficiency.

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Safe And Reliable

Each device has an identity certificate, all communications are encrypted to ensure information security. Manage data ownership and usage rights through smart contracts. Use smart contracts and system technology to monitor data access, store on chain and prevent unauthorized access.

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Traceability & Auditing

IoT raw and processed data can be traced to protect users' data ownership; The data access history is stored on the blockchain for security auditing.

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Generic Design

Support multiple IoT protocols, flexible networking methods, support common API interfaces that can interact with multiple blockchain networks, reduce coupling; support multiple computing and storage frameworks.

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Advantages Of Supply Chain

We have advantages of complete hardware supply chain resources, can quickly respond to and realize personalized needs of customers, and provide diversified, serialized software & hardware integration services.

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Iot Device Access Management

Allocate resources such as ID, certificate, public and private keys to IoT devices, and IoT devices can automatically access platform.

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Data Asset Right Management

Use blockchain and smart contracts to manage user data asset ownership and encrypted storage.

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Data Transmission

Supports transmission methods such as WiFi, wireless mobile network, and Ethernet, implements data distribution through publish/subscribe methods and high-concurrency queue technology.

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IoT Device Configuration Management

Manage IoT device security configuration, access permissions, device groups, device rules, device operation logs, etc.

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Data Analysis

Provides a wealth of data processing functions, including CV, NLP, time series data processing, and statistical analysis.

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Data Transaction

Data traders publish trading info on platform, customize transaction rules, and the transaction process is automatically completed by smart contracts, including smart matching and recommendation, data permission update and transaction.

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Operational Statistics

IoT business data statistics, including data traffic, data storage, data access history, data transaction details, and billing statements.

Suitable for multiple scenarios such as IoT business, data processing, automatic transactions, and traceability & auditing:

IoT Business

Applicable to industrial production, commercial IoT, and smart home. For example, after smart device connected to platform, platform can collect and analyze data in real time, monitor system's status and handle various events.

Data Processing

Utilize edge computing and machine learning to predict system status and display visually.

Automatic Ttransactions Between IoT devices

At highway toll stations, parking lot entrances, vehicle devices and toll devices automatically communicate, use blockchain smart contracts to complete payments, then automatically trigger control devices to release vehicles.

Traceability & Auditing

IoT history information, including device data, process data, and data access history, is encrypted and stored on blockchain, enabling rapid source tracing and auditing.


  • Feature:
  • We ensure data security through functions such as device communication security, on-chain data storage security, blockchain-based device management and data access security, and blockchain-based data transaction security.
  • We help customers build intelligent businesses through automatic discovery of IoT devices, intelligent data analysis, smart contract-based data transactions, transaction rule definitions, and recommendations.
  • We can also provide software & hardware integrated and customized services according to the specific needs of customers, including design and development of IoT smart devices, edge servers, and business systems such as IoT / data processing / data transactions / traceability, etc.