IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

COOS IoT platform provide one-stop IoT technology and business services, including equipment access, equipment management, data upload, storage, edge processing, system monitoring and operation, data visualization, etc. Realize high security, high concurrency and high availability by means of message queue with high capacity, secure connection, encrypted communication, system backup & fault-tolerance, satisfies business needs in industrial, smart home and commercial scenarios.


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Support Multiply

Support multiple types of access network, multiple types of IoT protocols, long connection of massive devices and million-level message concurrency: Supports heterogeneous networks such as WiFi, NB-IoT, LoRa, 2/3/4 / 5G, etc; Supports MQTT, CoAP, HTTP and other IoT protocols.

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Time Series Database Storage

Ensure fast data reading/writing, and support timely event handling to avoid business risks.

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Remote Configuration And Control

Provide full lifecycle management including equipment certification, addition/ deletion/ disabling, configuration, etc.

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Data Analysis,Data Visualization

Use machine-learning and edge system to analyze and predict system status, visualize the results.

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Operation And Monitoring

Support rich services such as equipment monitoring, system logging, firmware updating.

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Security Mechanism

Supports SSL / TLS data transmission to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Strictly manage operation rights of device to prevent illegal access.

Industrial IoT

Realize the digitalization of industrial production processes and improve the degree of industrial automation and production efficiency through equipment interconnection.

Smart Home IoT

Connect home smart devices to the Internet of things, such as air conditioner, smart door lock, security camera, etc., use machine learning to analyze equipment data, realize home automation, home security, home equipment management and other functions.

Office Passport

Use IoT devices to measure various required information of passersby and report to edge computation system for storage, analysis and display.

Vending Machines

Detect sales, out of stock, faults and other situations, report to edge computation system for monitoring and further processing.

Smart Building Air Conditioning

Sensors detect the number of people in the room and dynamically control output power of air conditioner to ensure comfort and reduce power consumption.