Health System Solutions

Health System Solutions

Based on cloud computation, Internet, IoT, and AI technologies, COOS health system solutions provide comprehensive services, including online reservation, online diagnosis, online payment, online report review, heath data storage and management, medical consultant, medical resource recommendation. It can help patients conveniently access medical resources, moreover, can help medical institutions provide more efficient service, optimize resource utility, focus more on core service.


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Efficient Online Reservation

One-click to realize appointments expert registration, or schedule changes. Recommend optional medical resources according to patient's location.

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Flexible Medical Device Access

The patient's health measurement equipment is easily connected to system, and medical institutions views real-time data to formulate a precise treatment plan.

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Online Diagnosis

Support online audio and video diagnosis and treatment, increase the rate of medical service.

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Encrypted Health Data Storage On Blockchain

Support on-chain encrypted storage of medical historical information, strictly control viewing permissions through smart contracts, also support on-chain workflow and traceability of operational process information, not only protect patient privacy, but improve treatment efficiency, reduce medical expenses.

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Medical Assistance Through Big Data Analysis

Use big data to analyze patients' health characteristics, provide patients with medical information, and recommend appropriate medical resources.

Smart Nursing Homes

Monitor health status of the elderly in real time through connected measurement equipment, report to medical center through IoT or Internet, provide efficient and timely medical services.

Internet Medicine

Online appointments and online consultations: through communication between doctors and patients on instant messaging software, timely adjust or optimize treatment plan, improve service quality and efficiency.