Blockchain Server

Blockchain Server Solutions

The services support consortium or private blockchain based comprehensive businesses, and provides one-stop services including system security, business management, operation & maintenance, etc. It enables customers in various industries to quickly start rich on-chain businesses and build core competitiveness.


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Simple To Use

No professional knowledge required, users can easily and quickly deploy and use system.

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Enterprise-Level Security

Multi-level system security protection mechanisms adopted.

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Complete Functions

Support complete blockchain and business function modules to meet needs of types of customers.

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Both hardware and software can flexibly expand function and performance to meet business evolution needs.

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Modular And Pluggable Architecture

Flexible selection or replacement of functional modules to meet differentiated customization needs.

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Low Cost

Compact server design, low deployment and maintenance costs.

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High-Quality Experience

Using advanced blockchain technology to tailor software and hardware systems to ensure the ultimate business experience.

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Fast Services

Our mature product service system can quickly respond to customers and provide high-quality professional services.

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Member Management

Support user identity authentication, digital certificate’s issuance, change, revocation, etc., user access to system is strictly controlled.

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Business Management

Support to define business processes and participants, create and publish smart contracts according to business processes definition, improve business transparency and automation.

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Permission Management

Configure user's business processing and data access permissions to achieve refined authority control.

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Traceable And Auditable

The whole process of business data and information is stored on chain to ensure the authenticity of traceability and auditing.

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Business Secure

Support security of communication, storage, secret key, network to comprehensively protect business safety.

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System Operation And Maintenance

Support tools such as blockchain browser, node monitoring and data statistical analysis etc. Users can easily manage whole system.

Digital finance, supply chain finance, commodity sourcing, e-government, logistics, insurance, enterprise management and more scenarios.