Short Video Solutions

Short Video Solutions

COOS short video solutions are one-stop solutions for audio-visual shooting, editing, uploading, transcoding, storage, distribution, playback, AI recommendation, user interaction, multi-screen delivery, aggregate payment, business operations statistics, and so on. Capable to help customers build a stable and complete video business system quickly.


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One-Stop Solution

Supports full-scene functions, including audio/video shooting, editing, storage, playback, interaction, delivery, business operations statistics, etc.

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Interesting Viewing Interaction

Enhance fun of video watching through rich and interesting interactions, help customers attract traffic, and build an active ecosystem.

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Various-Screen Delivery

Through intelligent screen recognition technology, videos are delivered on various screens to expand playback space and maximize audience ratings.

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All-Round Quality Experience

Audio/video editing covers cutting, beautifying, special effects, subtitles, various audio processing, help user creates fun and diverse video at low cost; Use intelligent content distribution network to ensure smoothness of multimedia playback; Supports secure encrypted storage and watermark, ensure storage security and intellectual property security.

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Smart Recommendation And Content Checking

Accurately match and recommend interested videos with user preference data, and constantly explore new interests. Create a personalized recommendation system to improve user’s stickiness; Detects and analyzes audio and video information through artificial intelligence technology, accurately classifies and automates audits to ensure content health and compliance.

Mainly for live video broadcasting, marketing, social networking, education, entertainment, and more:

Short Video For E-Commerce

Promote products with short videos, increase visibility, and recommend short videos to potential consumers.

Short Live Video

Quickly attract popularity through live broadcasts of high-quality content, and motivate viewers to participate through video interaction.

Short Video For Social Networking

Realize diversified social networking and expand connections with people by uploading, sharing, and commenting on short videos.