Instant Message Solutions

Instant Message Solutions

COOS instant message solutions provide key functions such as instant message encrypted transmission, group creation, permission management, storage backup, high-speed distribution, intelligent dialogue robot, and global sending. It can help users quickly establish an instant communication application system to meet the diverse demands of social networking and office scenarios.


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Rich MessageTypes

Text, emoticons, pictures, voice, videos, files, etc.

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Flexible Group Function

Support private chatting, group chatting, chatting room. Can manage group permissions to maintain order, including speaking permissions, invitation permissions, etc.

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Full Encryption

Encrypt message when sending, storage, and distributing to avoid data and information leakage.

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High Concurrent Message Transmition

Use high throughput message queue and load balancing to achieve high concurrent message transmission.

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Secure Storage

Timely backup and verify encrypted data to ensure its security and integrity. For offline user, automatically saves message without missing any information.

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Smart Conversation Robot

Reduce labor costs by automatically answering user questions through natural language processing technology.

Business Chat

Exchange message anytime, anywhere.

Online Customer

Answer customer questions timely.

Smart Customer

Answer customer questions by smart robot.

System Information

Publish system announcement.

Game Chatting

Communicate in real time between game players.