Hardware Solutions

Hardware Solutions

We have mature multi-chip, multi-platform hardware product development experience, an experienced technical team, and full industry chain resources. We can provide customers with one stop solution including demand analysis, appearance / structure design, hardware design, system customization, testing, mass production and supply chain service.


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Extensive Engineering Experience

We have rich practices in processor selection & application, circuit board design, reliability design, interface driver / communication protocol / APP development, also have circuit design experiences of multiple platforms(ARM / PFGA / GPU) and multiple interfaces (DDR2 / DDR3, EMMC, NAND FLASH, I2C, UART, MIPI, USB, etc.), can customize the best system for customers.

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Entire Industry Chain

Relying on our system integration and resource integration capabilities of entire industry chain, we can offer diversified and rapid services;

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One-Stop Service

From demand analysis, solution design, hardware design, testing and production, we can quickly respond to and fulfill customer needs and provide comprehensive services

Hardware design services include appearance structure design, circuit board design, hardware driver and system customization, APP application development, etc.

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Appearance Structure Design

According to customer's hardware functional requirements and business plan, define hardware technical functions and performance indicators, define circuit board structure, board size and its peripheral circuits.

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Circuit Board Design

Hardware selection, BOM cost analysis, PCB design and prototype system development & testing.

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Hardware Driver And System Customization

Support development of interface driver and communication protocol, OS tailoring, and system customization: System platform: Linux / Android / FreeRTOS, etc; Communication protocol: WiFi/BLE/ZigBee/LoRa/NB-IoT/GPRS/3G/4G, etc; Smart sensor: camera / infrared sensor /, etc; Intelligent module: object recognition / face recognition / voice interaction, etc.

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APP Application Development

Design and develop UI and application logic, provide full-featured services from hardware, OS to application level.

In compliance with industry standards and quality standards, we carry out strict and comprehensive evaluation and verification of multiple dimensions such as scheme, safety, structure, process, function, performance, maintainability, etc., to ensure that mass production standards are reached. Take advantage of our industry chain integration advantages to make sure sustainable mass production, achieve the best balance of quality and efficiency, and ensure customers have multiple advantages such as product quality and market competitiveness.

Relying on our unique advantages of entire hardware industrial chain in ShenZhen & DongGuan, we have complete supply chain resources of components, modules, processing chips, memory cells, and circuit boards, can provide customers with diversified and serialized hardware design, production, testing and delivery services, can also effectively control supply chain risks to ensure stable mass production and successful marketization.