Financial Institution Blockchain Solutions

Financial Institution Blockchain Solutions

The solutions provide a cross-industry and cross-system ecological business services. Using blockchain, custom credit information, certificate authority, big data based intelligent risk control, it achieves multiple advantages, such as secure value transfer, automation, highly regulated, low cost, suitable for various types of business of financial institutions, including credit business, payment, insurance, investment etc.


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Ecological Services

Integrate blockchain, credit information, identity authentication, big data and other systems, establish ecological, differentiated, and automated services to greatly enhance the business competitiveness of financial institutions.

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Rich Business Services

Support multi-chain integration of public and consortium chain to achieve transparent business and data at a controllable level, which is conducive to expanding business space.

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Safe Business Decisions

By connecting credit information, CA system, and AI based risk control systems, use blockchain encryption and signature technologies to ensure business security and decision-making security.

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Data Privacy Security

Based on smart contract and minimum authorization mechanism to ensure data and privacy security.

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Traceable And Auditable

Use encryption and blockchain technology to ensure data security and credibility, and store business history information on the blockchain, support automatic backtracking, auditing and analysis to identify business anomalies in a timely manner.

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High Efficiency And Low Cost Services

On the basis of making full use of trusted data and business security mechanisms, reduce human interaction and achieve high-quality and low-cost services.

Financial Payment

Using blockchain and smart contract to process and record the details of each payment, establish a complete business record file and store it on chain, improve payment efficiency, enhance payment security.

Financial Credit

On the basis of verifying the identity of lender, analyze the credit rating and risk of the lender through AI and big data, make reliable decisions, and use smart contracts to automate business.

Personal Insurance

On the basis of verifying the identity of policyholders, based on historical credit information, assess business risks, formulate the best insurance plan, and use smart contracts to achieve business automation.