Banking Blockchain Solutions

Banking Blockchain Solutions

The solutions utilize blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing technologies to provide secure, intelligent and efficient banking business service with low cost, high elasticity, high availability features, including payment, credit, investment, risk control, etc.


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Integrate multiple blockchains, and open up business flow and information flow, greatly improving the competitiveness of banking business.

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Comprehensive Security

Supports a full range of security mechanisms, including communication encryption, identity authentication, certificate authentication, encrypted data storage, data access authority management, and protection against network attacks

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Reliable Risk Decisions

Use big data and AI to analyze financial portraits of individual or corporate customer, build risk control statistical models, and reduce business risks.

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Traceable And Auditable

Financial data is open and transparent, cannot be tampered with or forged, which is conducive to risk tracing and audit.

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Rich Business Services

Provide financial big data analysis, investment and financial management, risk assessment and other services.

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High Flexibility And High Availability

Support flexible expansion based on assessment of computation and storage specifications and high availability based on redundant disaster tolerance design.

Financial Payment

Using blockchain and smart contract to process and record the details of each payment, establish a complete business record file and store it on chain, improve payment efficiency, enhance payment security.

Financial Credit

On the basis of verifying the identity of lender, analyze the credit rating and risk of the lender through AI and big data, make reliable decisions, and use smart contracts to automate business.

Supply Chain Finance

Integrate transactions, logistics and capital to build consensus, non-tamperable trust system, use public or private transactions, smart contracts to realize the automation of corporate credit, high security transmission.